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Welcome to the new Bulletin Board

Postby Thilo » Sat Oct 21, 2000 1:01 am

Welcome to the new John-Keats.com Bulletin Board with every function one could possibly desire. I hope this new technology, together with an expansion of the content of this site, will revive the discussion about Keats on the Web. More than 500 people visit this site each day, so do post your ideas and questions, and somebody sure will reply!

And please excuse my odd English. I am just a German student and a fan of John Keats ever since I learned about him in my English class.

Thilo von Pape
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Postby Endymion » Wed Dec 04, 2002 2:23 pm

Thanks Thilo!

I've only just discovered this site, and since I've only been a fan of this great man and his poetry and writing for about a year I can't say I know him as well as some of the other scholars in the world. But that is the appeal of poetry, isn't it? As Keats himself has said, the poet is someone who is "betwixt mand and ape" and kinda bridges all divides...that appealed to me right away.

Your site is great - so many resources!

I'm reading Andrew Motion's biography at the moment - I would definately suggest it to anyone else, Motion really brings Keats to life again.
"He Stood in His Shoes and he Wondered
He Wondered
He Stood in his Shoes and He Wondered."
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Awesome site

Postby ralf » Wed Jan 01, 2003 6:02 pm


A truly impressive site you've put together, much appreciated :!: (and the forum is really cool - these tags are just hilarious!). I dare say your English looks excellent, and not half as odd as many a post originating from those of a native English tongue..

I'm not going to be a grammar and punctuation Nazi, but I do hope that, in a forum dedicated to someone whose life's work was, among other things, a celebration to the written language, people would take that to their hearts and learn from it, and strive to improve themselves in that respect. At least, I personally tend to extend more respect toward those who write intelligibly, since I frequent several Usenet news groups and quickly weary of people who so casually send grammar and style flying.

Anyway, just meant to say hello, and thanks for creating this wonderful site :)


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