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Keats's Poetical Works. Edited by H Buxton-Foreman

PostPosted: Tue Dec 26, 2006 11:59 am
by Richard
I have on my lap this book, published MCM VI, can you smell it?
It was given to Frank Sabin, by his grateful friend, the editor. There are many pencilled variations from Keats' original drafts by Woodhouse which the editor had just acquired. Also can you imagine my delight as several hand written pages of notes containing what look like to me as alternative versions of poems slid out onto my crutch
I don't know if this revised edition was published.
Can you help?
Nice pressie hey?

PostPosted: Tue Dec 26, 2006 4:53 pm
by Saturn
I can smell it alright - hmmm old books :D

H.Buxton-Foreman was also the first person to publish the complete*letters of Keats in the '20s I think.
I once saw a 1948 second edition publication of that and I still curse myself for not getting it :evil:

Enjoy your book Richard, it sounds like a rare find.

*complete as in what had been discovered up to then*

PostPosted: Wed Dec 27, 2006 3:38 pm
by Malia
I don't have many older works related to Keats. My oldest is an original two volume copy of the Amy Lowell biography that I picked up at a used book sale going on in side the Blue Mountain Mall in Walla Walla Washington. I could hardly believe my luck when I found the first volume sitting on one of the tables and I remember searching hard for its partner, finally discovering it in the hands of another shopper! Well, I lost all self-respect and went over to the gentleman and said, "Sir, I am a huge Keats fan and I would give that volume a very happy home if you'd be willing to part with it." He said, "I don't need it as much as you do" and handed it over (nice guy!). I purchased both volumes for $4.00 total and they were in near mint condition. There was still an advertisement from the traveling salesman who sold someone these volumes back in the 1920's tucked in amongst one volume's pages. To buy the Lowell biography new and in hardback would cost at least $150 today. I got a serious bargain!

PostPosted: Wed Dec 27, 2006 4:43 pm
by dks
Yes, nice find, Richard... the way, Miss Malia, Amy Lowell was quite an interesting character...

...I will be back at Wentworth Place in a matter of days--I look forward to perusing the books for sale...although they were quite pricey...I may have to offer to sweep the floors and scrub the baseboards so as to get a deal on one of 'em... :wink:

PostPosted: Wed Dec 27, 2006 10:54 pm
by Richard
Denise, will you really be back at Wentworth Place in a matter of days?
If you are, and know when, and have time, send me an email, it would be brilliant to meet up.

PostPosted: Thu Dec 28, 2006 1:10 am
by dks
Richard wrote:Denise, will you really be back at Wentworth Place in a matter of days?
If you are, and know when, and have time, send me an email, it would be brilliant to meet up.

Absolutely! I'd love that...I leave for London on the 1st and get there the 2nd--I go straight to Dublin upon arriving for a visit to the emerald isle until the 4th...on the 4th I fly back to London--I hope to get to Keats's place either on the 4th or the 5th--I'll have my laptop with me, Richard. I'll pm you and let you know exactly when I'll be there.

Going for a full line in the forum index.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 06, 2007 9:44 am
by Richard
Don't think I've got time. But...
Yes verse structure. definately a 3D crossword if there was one.
He began by fumbling to copy, and within a year made stuff up out of nothing, something, that we copy fumbling :P