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was John Keats a dreamer or a pessimist?

PostPosted: Fri Jan 02, 2004 6:27 pm
by sonnet146
When I think of Keats, I try to compare him with one of the greatest poet of my country. This poet died very young too, he had a difficult and depressing life but there is no doubt: he was a genius. This poet's first years of activity were related to pessimism and the eternal search of love. He saw the dark side of life and always dreamed of finding himself and his place in the universe. Later, he lost his hope and his poems reflect the misery of this world and the incapability of a genius to fit into it: an artist's maturity.
When I read "Why did I laugh tonight", I think of my poet. But Keats wasn't that pessimistic, because most of his poems are full of hope. He's a master of words and his poems are absolutely balanced!
I want to know what do you think about Keats. Do you think he reflected the darkness or the light of this word? Did he find his peace with life, or did he disconsider it? Were his heart and soul teared apart of loneliness and disappointemt? Was he a dreamer?

Dreamer or Pessimist

PostPosted: Mon Jan 05, 2004 4:56 am
by Rich
Good question!

I believe Keats was an optimist. Even when he looked melancholy in the eye, he always seems to let his readers know there is hope. Certainly to have immersed himself in poetry to the depths he did at such an early age tells us he was diligently pursuing his dreams, exploring his passion for life, or "gusto" as he would have said. To me, Keats is a hero as well, sticking to his craft, working doggedly on hid poetry, living life to the brim. I hope to be able to say that.