my views about john keats.

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my views about john keats.

Postby adeel » Mon Apr 19, 2004 9:37 pm

i my point of view,john keats was a very great poet of his ode to nightiagle,in this ode he was a so painful and scornful person.he want to escaped from this world.because he did not like real things,he want to die and become immortal.
in his poetry we occaionaly point out that he was unlucky and his distiny was also all walk of life he was rejected and refused from society.thatswhy his ambitions was not fulfilled.and his wished to die.because he had only one way that is death.
if any one have more knowleade than me,so plz reply me.that i will know more about keats.
i have been here,its a good poetical site.that i want to know more about english literature and poetical ages.bcoz i m inspired by poets of elizebethen age.what a geneis they are.we always remember them in the field of poetry and literature.
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