Dedication Leigh Hunt, esq

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Dedication Leigh Hunt, esq

Postby Guest » Sat Feb 22, 2003 10:29 pm

hi, i'm a highschool student and am doing a report on John Keats... our teacher told us to choose a poem and do an analysis of the poem... to do this.. she gave us a page of questions to do... i answered like 20 of them.. but i need help on five... so if anyone can help me.. i would really appreciate it... soo.. here's the poem... and following it are my teacher's questions:

Dedication. To Leigh Hunt, Esq.

GLORY and loveliness have passed away;
For if we wander out in early morn,
No wreathed incense do we see upborne
Into the east, to meet the smiling day:
No crowd of nymphs soft voic’d and young, and gay,
In woven baskets bringing ears of corn,
Roses, and pinks, and violets, to adorn
The shrine of Flora in her early May.
But there are left delights as high as these,
And I shall ever bless my destiny,
That in a time, when under pleasant trees
Pan is no longer sought, I feel a free
A leafy luxury, seeing I could please
With these poor offerings, a man like thee.

1. What is this poem's purpose? What is its theme? Write a complete statement and explain how it is developed throughout the poem
2. What us the tone of the poem? How does the writer convey this tone? Give specific examples
3. Name a literary device the author uses, and give an example of it. How does it help the overall meaning?
4. Name another literary device the author uses, and do the same as you did on number 3
5. do again as did on 3 and 4
:lol: well yea.. here they are.. i would realy really really appreciate it if anyone would help

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