Would he have been different?

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Would he have been different?

Postby KeatsonAcid » Mon Jun 07, 2004 2:20 am

2 questions that i think could of greatly changed keats works...

1) Would keat have written such deep and insightful poems if he didnt have that fatal disease? (the name of it escapes me at this current time)

2) Would his poems be different if he was on Acid instead of Opium? any of you who have been on an acid trip know what im talking about.

Also from the poems iv read it sounds like Keats just isnt getting any bomb ass pussy, i think its because hes a fag, does anyone know about Keat's love life? im interested to know....I know that he wrote about a women that he wanted but i know that at the time sodemy was punishable by death so i figured he might just pretend its a girl when really its his little boy shoe shiner.

Also does anyone else apart from me think that John Keats was a big wuss? i just get that image of him, some tiny man scared of anything that moves and even stuff that doesnt move and just has vibrant colors.
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Postby keatsisababe » Mon Jun 07, 2004 2:54 am

you speak the gospel, keatsonacid... i too concur in the thinking that keats was a flaming homosexual

also, i'm pretty sure mary kate and ashley olsen could have torn him apart... not to say he isnt a great poet

i dont know if keats was high on opium so much as he was lacking fine booty. kubla khan seems more to me like some kind of wet dream than an drug-induced spiritual journey

keep up the good work, keatsonacid, and keep writing that beautiful poetry.
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Postby KeatsonAcid » Mon Jun 07, 2004 2:57 am

Thank you keatsisababe, your name is very amusing. Everyday i am able to read more and more into the thousands of works that is keats.
It is really great to hear from other Keat lovers, if you agree or dont agree...but sometimes its nicer to hear from someone who agrees with you :D
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Kubla Khan by Keats?

Postby Saturn » Thu Jun 10, 2004 11:16 pm

'Kubla Khan' was written by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, not Keats - he was an opium addict, and the poem was written after waking from a very vivid dream.

He said that he was then interupted, and thus the vision was lost.

P.S. there is no evidence whatsoever for Keats being homosexual. He, like many other artists, and people in general at the time, often expressed effusive love for their friends and relatives in writing - a practice, which today would be all too misconstrued and ridiculed.

Do not judge a man of the 19th century by today's rigidly macho culture.

He may not have been promiscuous by today's terms - but recollect; despite the idea that the Regency was a time of abandoned pleasures peopled by figures like the ultimate hedonist Byron, most peole still adhered (in public at least) to the strict moral and social codes of the day, and young girls' lives could be tragically ruined by a night of passion.

Their reputations (in a very judgmental society) would be forever stained and impossible to redeem, so Keats wouls not be able to indulge in sex in the same way as guys in todays more liberal, sexually unrestrained society.
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Postby Golyadkin » Sat Jun 12, 2004 10:29 pm

I find these posts (with the exception of Stephen's) to be indecent and crude. I have informed Thilo and recommened a course of action he may take. As for now, this thread is locked. I would really expect more maturity from members of this forum.

I would also like to commend Stephen for his intelligent and mature responce to an otherwise childish situation.

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