In need of inspiration

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In need of inspiration

Postby Liss » Sun Jan 30, 2005 9:13 pm

Hi everyone

Im studying English Literature at Alevel which involves Keats. Unfortunatly my moronic English tutors are immensly intelligent and obviously have incredible English knowledge, unfortunatly they dont share this with us, really dont teach very well and only on rare occaisons do they inspire us. Keats has become a drag, but i know from the way people talk about and from what i have seen it can be so much more. I really need an A in this subject to go to University as i want to study law, but i would also like to leave my A levels with a wish to carry on reading Keats and to enjoy it.
If anyone has any general inspiration they would be prepared to share, please, it would be well recieved.
This site looks like it is a real find, and i can imagine i will be flooding the help section frequently through my exams!
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Postby Saturn » Sun Jan 30, 2005 10:12 pm

Welcome to the Keats BB :D

Just read Keats' poems unadorned.

Read his letters, read about his life - it is an inspiration in itself, a story of a triumph over adversity if ever there was one.

Use your heart and your imagination and I hope you will find something to inspire you with a love of humanity, beauty and poetry.

I know I did.
It can be a drag reading poetry, but the more you read the more enjoyable and the more used you become to reading the meaning and the rhythym of a poem.
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Postby Steen » Thu Feb 17, 2005 1:15 am

I am lucky in that I have a good teacher who relises what have come to realise
Looking at Keats is not looking at a peice of text on a page. It's not clever little satires like Oscer Wilde writes. Consider the writer, a man who, faced with the knowladge of early death pored his heart out on paper.
Keats was in many ways a early hippie, rooted in escapisum. When reading this poems think that these are a mans belifes, his fantasys, his way of leaving his mark on the world. Next time you read Keats think "What was he thinking when he wrote this?"
I do love Keats' idealogy, that love itself could replace religon. Come to think of it I can see that they do have somethings in common. When love goes right it can feel like heaven (Yeah I'm in a happy realtionship so if I get a bit full of myself ignore me) but if it goes wrong it is pure hell!
Anyway when reading Keats you must look at the words he uses. He loves nice, luxerious sounding words, everything is hyped-up. He can't conent himself with boring words. He has the entusyasum of youth driving him, a young kid high on love pouring his soul out onto his letters to Fanny Brawne and see what I mean....
You don't love a women because she is beatiful, she is beatiful because you love her.
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