Dylan back @ #1. Have all the good songs been sung?

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Dylan back @ #1. Have all the good songs been sung?

Postby Richard » Mon Sep 11, 2006 6:46 pm

I am certain there is no money in looking for the next Beatles, or Keats, but why am I so sure?

I have heard that (UK figs) 95% of poetry purchased is produce of posthumous poets. I have a few vague thoughts - do you have any bright ideas?

Sorry if you have covered this already.


Postby greymouse » Mon Sep 11, 2006 8:59 pm

Hi Richard, that's an interesting question that would take many people and much time to answer well. I'll throw in my cheap uninformed speculation:

I believe it's useless to look for the next John Keats because he will not come. Society has changed way too much over the last 2 centuries, and although good poetry is still being written, it's a considerably less popular art form. The media of cinema, television, radio, recording, etc. are prevailing over the classical art forms. Also, free verse permanently changed the culture of poetry. I think the world is heading in an even less academic direction, so I don't expect a massive revival. There will always be poets who like poetry and keep creating it, so I wouldn't worry about a death of poetry at all.

As for the music question ... it seems more consistent to look for the next Beethoven or Mozart. Classical music is the genre where fans worry about it becoming antiquated and past-oriented (at least 95% of sales in classical are music written by dead guys). No, there will likely be no more great classical composer for the same reason as above - it lost the battle for mainstream attention.

But the Beatles and Dylan? Now that's a genre of music that's still thriving and extremely popular. So one can always look for the next great rock/pop songwriters and find them. I would argue that there have been countless great examples since the 60's in quality, so that rock/pop isn't dead at all and has more than enough to fulfill everyone's listening needs. The good songs have not all been sung; they keep coming out each year as long as you are willing to sift through the garbage for the few shiny gems.

But yeah, the Beatles practically invented the current rock style and most its various branches. So for there to be a truly "next Beatles" they would have to invent music nobody has ever thought of, and then dominate the industry. It could happen I say!

If John Keats lived today, I bet he'd probably either be unknown or famous through a slightly different medium of art. He couldn't write all those poems today (just with slightly updated topics) and get the same recognition today that history gives him.

I have a few vague thoughts ...

What are they?? :P I love vague thoughts, and this post certainly has its share.
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Dylan back @ #1. Have all the good songs been sung?

Postby Richard » Mon Sep 18, 2006 5:49 pm

Hello Grey Mouse,

I like the symmetry of our figures.

So file under redundant art-forms. Great art is mainstream, using the latest carrier to emotionally effect the masses.

Before your considered and illuminating reply I thought it was something to do with mathematics... The finite number of combinations of sounds that please.

Maybe the next great artist is synthesising the latest generation of designer drugs, maybe she is at school now but will soon move the whole world through the web




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