The Discovery of John Keats

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The Discovery of John Keats

Postby MonroeDoctrine » Fri Mar 05, 2004 3:51 am

Very few people I have met have any idea what John Keats represents for human civilization. After researching John Keats and understanding the time period he existed, it's utterly clear he was a man of Plato.

His poetry expresses the essence of beautiful humanist thinking and makes clear that the human mind dominates the living and non-living processes. Those who fail to grasp this insight fail to comprehend John Keats. John Keats reminds me of the Biologist Vladimir Vernatsky because of his view of the human mind's role in our Universes Processes.

Why did Keats love humanity and the human mind so much? Well I doubt it was the fact that he was a doctor, I actually know that the American Revolution influenced Mr.Keats. Somehow the networks of people like Ben Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, Matthew Carey, John Quincy Adams had some kind of influence on the thinking of Mr.Keats. In the case of his friend Shelly, it's ostencibly the case that the American Revolution had an influence on him.

One direct influence was Robert Burns. There is no doubt to me that Keats loved Burns. Now Robert Burns was obviously a mason, and there is no doubt in my mind that Burns was pro- American Revolution. But what bothers my mind in terms of the main influence on John Keats in Cowden Clarke. Who is this Cowden Clarke? I know he is Shakespearian and obviously knew what Mozart was doing but what is his connection to the American Revolution?

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