My November Poject: "Lamia"

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My November Poject: "Lamia"

Postby HooKnoo » Thu Oct 30, 2008 7:49 am

I hope I've chosen the right forum for'em.

I've been hipped to your group by a buddy involved in the "NaNoWriMo" fun. You may have heard of it; if not, google it.

My 50K story this year is to be based on Keat's "Lamia". Where the male protagonist is Leonard Pride, a lounge lizard piano player who dreams of being a real Jazz-Cat (the whole story would be filled with lingo and jargon). And the wise old philosopher is a wise old bass player (It's not the tunes you know, Pride, it's the bridges) and the "Lamia" character is the Pride's biggest fan (probably named Emily, but maybe not). I may or may not go supernatural with the story; we'll wait and let the magic of November take it's course. Any thoughts y'all might have to help would be greatly appreciated. It'll probably be unreadable drek and I'd never share it, but who knows?
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Re: My November Poject: "Lamia"

Postby Credo Buffa » Thu Oct 30, 2008 6:48 pm

Hey, glad to see you! This is "rampantwhistler," by the way. I personally haven't read "Lamia" in ages, so this would be a good excuse to pick it up again.

In any case, I hope you'll poke around the forum here and stay awhile. You won't find a friendlier or more dedicated group of Keats lovers than our little community!
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