Debate: How to repopulate this message board

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Debate: How to repopulate this message board

Postby Ravenwing » Fri Mar 30, 2018 5:29 pm

The following idea which I put forth for discussion and debate is based on a gradual or long-term approach for how we Friends of Keats can help to properly repopulate this John Keats Forum.

There are so many thousands of topics (3,000) and posts (17,000) at this John Keats Forum (and thanks to Saturn, they are all free of spam) that it has basically become a goldmine for publicizing itself at Facebook and Twitter, and at other social media websites, too.

It seems to me that it is legally considered to be “Fair Use”—if done specifically for non-profit educational purposes—for anybody to re-post on an “Official” or “Unofficial” John Keats Forum page, as well as on relevant Group pages, at Facebook, Twitter, and at other social media websites, interesting and thought provoking snippets (50 words or less) from the more than 17,000 of this forum’s old posts—provided that the username of each snippet’s author is cited, as well as the URL of their old post (“To read the full text of this post by [insert username of author here], please visit: http://www...”).

In the early days of the Internet, all that any message board did need in order to be properly populated was for it to have a strong presence at Yahoo! and Google. Nowadays, what is needed is a strong presence at Facebook and Twitter. By working together, we can help to make that happen with a minimum of effort on each person's part.

This idea does not require for anybody to moderate posts and replies at an "Official" or "Unofficial" John Keats Forum pages at FB and Twitter, or at other social media websites because there is an administrator option at each whereby it is only that administrator or them and their fellow administrators who can post there, thereby requiring FB and Twitter users to visit this John Keats Forum if they would like to post their replies to those re-posted snippets of old posts from this John Keats Forum.

An even easier and faster way, I suppose, would be for those of us who can afford to do so, to contribute a small financial donation each month to buy advertising space at Facebook and Twitter for this John Keats Forum, so that it will be seen each month by thousands of Keats fans from around the world, and for it to use the same image of Keats that is on the homepage of the website.

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