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Ode on Indolance...the turning point in life?

PostPosted: Sun Jun 05, 2005 10:07 pm
by Steen
Hiya I was looking over my notes on Ode to Indolance today and I happened to come across an old theory of mine which my Shorted-sighted teachers propley dismissed as it was not in the notes she downloaded from the net :roll:
I was looking at an overview of ode to indolance, in which you see the speaker attempting to rest in laze but is being haunted by the demons of posy, love and ambtion. They don't let him rest and in the end he must give in....
However was this writen when Keats was awere of his coming death? Because if he was could you not see this as Keats wondering how he will spend his last few years?
On the one hand he could sit and wait for it, spend his days in a easy indolance and wait for death to take him. However I belive in the poem Keats realised that he can't simply fade into nothingness...his desire to be remebered among the great poets (the ambtion mentioned in the poem) drives him to write poetry in order to obtain immortality in one sense....what do you think, am I on to something logical?)