Keats and his attitude to his time!!!

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Keats and his attitude to his time!!!

Postby Mark » Mon Jun 02, 2003 8:59 pm

Hi, i'm revising for an incredibly hard A2 Keats english lit exam and need your assistance. The influence of Keats' time and contemporary factors are a big part of the assement and any pieces of inforamtion or examples would be greatly appreciated to add to my research!!!! The focus is how it affected his work. Thankyou
(please reply soon, exam is a week today!!!!!)


Postby jenimaneeza » Wed Jun 04, 2003 8:00 pm

ok, i am in same situation as you!!! exam very soon
The things i have been told to mention are
blackwoods magazine(critics)- led to keats self doubt in ability to write poetry, anger, determination. Feared that he was a wasted talent
contemparies(byron,hunt etc) due to critics felt unworthy to them. Alos used there ideas to sulpture many of his poems
peterloo masacre-a political unrest just look it up on net heaps of stuff on it
Industrialisation, keats obsession with nature could be seen as his form of escape from what he may have felt was an undesirable movement

hope this is some help if you have any mythology quotes please post them under my topic on myth

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