what did everyone think of monday's A2 exam?

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what did everyone think of monday's A2 exam?

Postby goonypants » Mon Jun 09, 2003 3:49 pm

I chose the first option about how Keats' poems show the interest of the Romantic poets in nostalgia and intoxicating dreams...i think I was ok with the dream bit, just talked all about how the Romantic movement wasn't to do with escapism but seeing a new unseen order and Keats aceived this through dreaming sometimes (mentioned nightingale,St. Agnes) I'm now kicking myself for not discussing 'Lamia' and the whole 'is it best to live in a dream world or to come face to face with reality?' issue because then i could have talked about more of his actual 'ideas' and perhaps moved on to the vale of soul making (althought I suppose this could have been getting off the point slightly) but am I right in thinking that Keats' ideas in 'Lamia' are more personal and not shared greatly with other Romantic poets? I havent really studied any other poets of the era you see.
Also, with regards to the 'nostalgia' bit of the question, I confused myself greatly. i started off thinking ok Grecian urn, lets go , urn urn urn, but then I realised i had only really chosen that ode because the urn is old if you see what I mean so ended up doing a stupid link about how the way Keats in some ways longs to be like one of the characters depicted on the urn is similiar to the longing involved in feeligns of nostalgia :? :? :?
Then it got worse, I went on about how Keats wasn't a Christian so in poems like 'Hyperion: a fragment' looked to mythology and the Ancient world for answers and clarity in his life, and this research and interest in the past is somehow nostalgic.
Is this right? I REALLY would appreciate some suggestions because I'm so confused now, also , go on people, tell me what I failed to 'put in' hit me with it because it feels like although the exam is over, I can't rest!
sorry for rambling excessively!

Postby l1 » Mon Sep 22, 2003 9:30 am

what grade did you get?

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