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Re: Regency House Party

Postby Raphael » Fri May 07, 2010 12:12 am

Cybele wrote:
Raphael wrote:[quote="Cybele I remember this series. It was great fun.
I loved it when the one young woman pulled the Lady Caroline Lamb-like stunt. I remember actually being mildly shocked that it was on TV. :shock: :lol:

What stunt was that?

Should I say something like, "Spoiler Alert," if the series isn't finished being shown? :?[/quote]

No no spoiler alert- this programme was on about 6 years ago! I saw it on you tube- watched them all but didn't notice the Caroline Lamb stunt- do tell me what it was! I didn't find anything in it too shocking to be on tv. did not live to see-
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