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Oddest plant pot?

PostPosted: Mon Aug 27, 2012 11:49 pm
by Raphael
I was at the local community polytunnel where they give out free plants, flowers, seeds etc yesterday. It is once a month. In July they had asked folks to bring along something unusual to pot in and there would be a tenner in it for the most unusual. Well, I was ill that day and had nothing unusual to bring anyhow. A woman I know was rambling on about this and that and I didn't take much notice til she was going on about the complete works of Lord Byron and then I said eh what and she showed me that someone had hollowed the book out and planted flowers in it LOL. :lol:
She was saying fancy doing that to Byron's book and thought he might not be pleased if he saw that. I said that he was a romantic poet so maybe he liked flowers ha ha. She then said he was the greatest romantic poet and I said oh no he wasn't and that John Keats was heh heh.
Funny thing was i had walked past that table loads of times and not noticed the flowers were in Lord Byron's book!