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A summary of a story I once read years ago. Peace to Love

PostPosted: Tue Mar 04, 2008 1:52 am
by jamiano
A father once told his son, who was depressed, "To nip it in the bud,

or you'll be clipped in the head." The father further stated. "Family and

society tell me to send you in the armed forces to make you strong,

but I will walk forever with you to make you stronger for


The child was shocked and alarmed as his kind father talked of war.

The son replied, " Now, I am at peace, to love again. I have already

served in a war, which I did not wish to join."


PostPosted: Tue Mar 04, 2008 12:38 pm
by Saturn
Wow that's really beautiful jamiano, thank you for sharing it with us.