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Letters to a Friend

PostPosted: Sun Aug 13, 2006 7:15 pm
by Brave Archer
This is a letter i'd written some time ago for someone and felt it was better that i not give it to her.

I look'd at this page a few minutes before I began to write, I won't lie and say it's been a while since i've written a letter-- still there is a newness to it that is refreshing. I thought of you almost all of yesterday and even though I have no complaints I felt that I should do something so i'd be able to focus my mind on other things. I won't speak on what I thought, mostly ramblings, but here I am, nonetheless, still, writing you a letter for fear that the conclusions my mind came up with may not come from my mouth the same. Getting to know you has been incredible for me and I only pray that in my desires to set to know you better I don't become a nuisance. There is a possibility of you reading this letter a feeling that this is too soon, but this is only an attempt to get you to realise that I do like you and I do pray that you see enough in me to want to bring a little of your time my way.

There was more to this letter but I cut it short, feel free to do as my signature say's.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 13, 2006 7:24 pm
by dks

The sincerity and restraint are too much for this ridiculously romantic, over wistful heart of mine to take...Brave Archer! How touchingly above reproach and stunningly innocent in intent.


I love it.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 13, 2006 9:56 pm
by Saturn
I have many such letters but they are all far too overwrought and terrifyingly passionate to ever show to anyone else :(

I admire your candour Brave Archer.

I know myself to my cost that it is much easier to write how you really feel than to tell someone face-to-face :?