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Aunt Epp's Guide for Life

PostPosted: Mon Mar 08, 2010 5:48 pm
by Raphael
I got a copy of this for just £3.99 the other week and it was worth every penny! It is a book by a Victorian woman whose series of notes and ideas were put together by a nephew. It is a real eye opener to the thoughts and ideas of a Victorian woman- she wrote about sex a lot and praised it! She dispells the myth that c.19th women were not that into sex. Her herbal remedies are fascinating as are her views on spirtuality and life. She mentioned P.B Shelley a few times and loved the Brontes.She berated Jane Austen for having no sexual passion! Some of the things she wrote are really funny- such as putting a fish under your man's mattress if you don't want to concieve- the smell will keep him away! :lol: ... 1843173433 ... _fri.shtml