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Pearlescent Dawn

PostPosted: Mon Oct 18, 2010 10:03 pm
by MuseAloft
For those of you who have read Ennis' posts, you have heard of me already. For those who haven't heard of me Ennis' posts. Here is one of my earlier poems:

Pearlescent dawn of the jealous heart keeps a wary eye
Upon eternity's ethereal, whispering sands
So that she shall anticipate twilight's defiant cry
And spread her delicate, honeyed hands
Across the pacified world of latest afternoon
And still the air with quiet thoughts
Until all across the dewy plains of not-too-soon
Twilight, that shy and murky raven is naught
But a shadow of a fleeting memory,
Lost, perchance, to some lone and lonely reverie.

Until, at last, dawn's efforts futile,
Twilight swoops subtly across the hushed veldt
And tarnished dawn retreats to rest awhile
Twilight circles and dips, finally, to settle her stygian pelt
Upon the somnolent yesterdays that some shall cherish
And some shall rue, as some shall prosper upon fortune
And some unfortunates shall perish,
All according to the pages of the primordial book of fate,
A tome whose author is each new and hopeful date.