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The Sorceress

PostPosted: Fri Nov 05, 2010 10:46 pm
by MuseAloft
Ravens flutter about her hair
Shimmering black in the twilight gloam
In the depths of sylvan moss, her lair,
Is a ramshackle cabin, yet her home
Is the realms of nightmares, swirling,
Dark, and overwhelming, threatening to
Pull you into their depths, whirling,
Like some stygian blackness of the blue
And icy sea, forever forlornly roaring
Upon some silent shore, under seabirds soaring.

Sorceress! Aye, sorceress is she!
Gazing into the crystalline depths,
She knows your heart, yet sees
Only darkness, until fate leapt
And pounced – and yet no more,
Can I transcribe, for as you see
That to protect her secret lore,
She cast a spell to silence me.