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PostPosted: Thu Jul 13, 2017 10:13 pm
by Saturn

Taking readings, dropping
To the depths I'm breath-
Deprived and I'm dancing
Giddy on a shifting scree.
What once was so sure
Now laps and retreats
Again, sweeping traces
Of the ghostly soundings;
Records of what has been.
No tenacious lichen grip
Can cling to any stone
Forever while seasons
Armed with weapons
Make a fresh attack.

The Immutable truth is
That memory ever fails
With sight and sound,
And hearts harden hard.
When even tenderness
Is ripped clean from the
Throne it swayed with
Mighty sceptre all the
Subject parts, the full
Chambers of congress.

Down, and down the
Descent is baseless;
No bottom can any
Anchor reach that
Can give me the
Obscure and dark
Place needed, oh
Needed to sound
An abyss absolute
And entire where I
Can find no life,
And no love left,
No thoughts or
Longings for you.