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Postby Saturn » Sat Nov 25, 2006 12:51 am

I was watching a documentary about Magellan's historic voyage and it just struck me that there are many types of circumnavigation in life we dare to cross - voyages we undertake, journeys into the recesses of ourselves and into the hearts of others.


Southern passage.
Dreamed-of route
I ache to explore:
No toil too harsh.

How many inlets
Deceive my sense?
How many bays
Do I fruitless find?

All is expendable
In pursuit of this.
The reward will be
Unimaginable joy.

Greater than gold,
Sweeter than spice.
No - exotic wealth
Is none of my wish.

Treacherous currents
And great storms rock
My purposeful hopes
Of reaching open sea.

Despite the hunger
Despite disease and
All the horrors I feel
The voyage goes on.

The vessel shivers
Tempests tear amain;
Yet firm resolution
Keeps me afloat.

So countless times
I've been tricked,
And strayed off
The easy route.

All unknowing
I've travelled far.
The departure point
Is foreign to me.

I'm not that man,
The self-same one
That started off
With Fancy's dream.

Sickness sways me
Even as that one goal
Shimmers brightly -
A mirage of delight.

Inviting it seems:
The harbour's clear
Yet buried are reefs:
Graveyard of souls.

So, forever afloat,
I anchor my dreams
In the deep shallows
Of a fathomless heart.
"Oh what a misery it is to have an intellect in splints".
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