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Those three words

PostPosted: Wed Jan 03, 2007 2:03 am
by Saturn
Those three words

Those three words,
That simple phrase;
Often overused,
Seldom meant
I barricade in,
I entomb, imprison,
Behind the cliffs,
The sheer coast
Of teeth and lips.

Impervious fortress,
Bastions of care
I trap them well.
Old Vulcan's task
Forging the bolts
I envy.

With my tears
I fashion lightning
My sighs become
Thunders' peal.
Yet my arsenal,
My armoury
Of the heart,
These flickers
Of feelings,
These iridescent,
Lambent sparks
Cannot escape,
Cannot streak
The blue skies.

Inert, they burn
Slow and long,
Out of sight,
Banging useless
On the dark
Walls of silence.

You think it's easy
To handle fireworks?
To tend a hot stove?
To rake the coals
Of a molten furnace?

But where can I
Possibly hide
A love like this?

If I drown it
Weighted at sea,
It will surely float
And return to me.

If I bury it
At earth's core
Worms will burrow
If from the ground.

If I throw it
To the heavens
E'en Ozone high
Of course it will
Fall down at my feet.

So, watchman;
I must guard
This tongue,
Never let it go
For your sake.