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Northern Skies

PostPosted: Mon Jul 02, 2007 4:30 pm
by Megan
Just got back from a few days away. I had a pretty good time despite the rain. I wrote this one afternoon while looking out of the window with a glass of wine . . .

It’s raining in Flaming June
No sun, no stars, no moon
No fun this afternoon
I’ll write something

Grey-black is the cloud
(I’m thinking this aloud)
As thinking this is allowed
I’ll write something

My pen it skates across my pad
My mind it races as if it had
A mind of its own –oops :oops: that’s bad!
I’ll write something better!

Something that scans and rhymes is what I’m after
But it’s hard sometimes
And nothing much seems to come
And what does come is not very good
And what’s the point of that?

(Does the mind have a mind of its own?)

And the rain keeps falling
And the rain keeps falling
And I keep stalling
Diverted from the page to the great outdoors
Where it’s raining . . .