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Companion's Laud

PostPosted: Sat Nov 03, 2007 7:02 am
by dks
For Dan Keenaghan... :cry:

Companion’s Laud

Dan, I wonder if
my haystacks bathing
in the wooly heads
of ghostly morning brume
hear you harvesting dreams?

or are you on
the kelly forest cay?
breaking through the meads?
the rusty fox surveying with you
the fall field
clearing his breakfast of badger and blackberry

your hands are young now
flush and strong again
prepared to harrow
Canaan’s sable loam

take your parcel, Dan.
raise the wintercrop
quarry and pitch deep
down to your
thrumming, burnished blood,
once young bones

like bulbs over auld sod—
purple ragged jack
tender shallots, rainbow chards,
cress, sweet green chisel trees
under a bard’s cherry sky

though the living peat hills ache
for your easy tilling,
leave your Eden bed unmade, Dan.
the salmon will make it to the Lough
and the Drowse will run far and high.