more verse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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more verse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Postby thenewaustria » Tue Jun 29, 2004 1:48 am

anyone have any more verse they would like to share?

I enjoy reading everyone's work

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More Classical follies

Postby Saturn » Tue Jun 29, 2004 9:28 am

Here's a another mythologised poem, important to me really only because it was the first I wrote after September the eleventh (too long after) - it reflects the really dark international situation of the time.

Bellum civile.

Janus' portals lie forever ajar -
Mars prospers, thriving today;
Furies ride roughshod in their car,
As Pax is kept chained at bay.

Titans still threaten the sky, to mar
Th' Olympians, who, holding sway,
Launch the guided thunderbolts afar
'Gainst those who were late in pay.

I'm sure no-one will get what I'm on about here. Let's see......

Here's another bleak little ditty for you to muse on:

Justice Departs

Astrea has finally forsaken us.
Hope and Right have fled the earth.
Their presence was but a dipped toe-
No interference in the mortal realm.

Rumour prates with electronic tongues,
Has gone multinational and instantly
Babbles forth light-speed malice.
Fear is carried on her silken threads,
Hijacking the skirt-tails of malign Fame.

Terror and Suspicion are trailed behind-
Two awful curs which will beget in time
Malformed progeny- Violence and Bigotry;
Their features distorted with hate will
In turn smirk at Virtue, and leave Truth
Fleeing helpless to shadowy darkness.
"Oh what a misery it is to have an intellect in splints".
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Where are my fellow bards?

Postby Saturn » Mon Jul 05, 2004 11:13 am

Since no-one else has written any more verse yet I'll venture another of my own. (I'm sorry you guys asked for it!)

Boys playing in the snow.

Oh for childhood’s simple truth,
The innocence and beauty of youth!
For a taste of that knowledge again,
The wisdom we know not as men,
Like boys playing in the falling snow.
Where did those cherished pleasures go?

Oh to drain all intellect and learning away,
Leaving the lees of truth in their stay!
Childhood heeds nor creed nor race,
Notes not the complexion of the face.
At the looks or the superfluous attire,
It cares not to look, doesn't inquire.
Doubtless children can be cruel,
Their anger is flitting, but won’t refuel,
But, an adult’s burning passionate hate,
Spends its wrath, to repent it too late.
"Oh what a misery it is to have an intellect in splints".
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