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Postby MonroeDoctrine » Tue Jan 29, 2008 2:44 am

The Return of the Dabble

Look at the liberal, liberally kill
mankind with truths founded upon the will
of Gaia superstition. It's science
from the heart-----what we need is defiance
of this non-sense ,lo! avoid the chasm---
It's a fraud, like your girlfriend's orgasm!
Watch the ingenious conservative pave
the road to heaven---a foot in the grave
for those who tread on it. Patriotic
policies of Locke are idiotic
if they eliminate the government,
and sell it off like a cheap tenement.
Empty promises like Obama-Change
get immolated if they're within range
of the sage's crosshair. A party hack
couldn't see reality if his back
was stabbed by it. Oh you know folks shall maim
this damn non-sense if it remains the same

I hate the fiscally responsible---
I'm sure Hitler would find them laudable...

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