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Postby lorin_23 » Tue Dec 28, 2004 12:42 am

A long green reed rattles in the wind
swings side to side, crashing into its companions
by its sides; and the ocean glitters
flashing into the waves as I probe my mind
for memories of the friends that I lost
to the vengeful sea

And as the forest is keeping me company
with its whispering wind telling me secrets,
telling me its fears and wishes, telling me
of the lover that I lost, buried deep within
the roots of these trees

Or at the city, where the cacophony
of car horns, of the death of our nation
permeate the air, kill the breeze that gives
life to our nature, the beauty of the nation
whose demise is approaching swiftly

And the friends that were taken from me,
by the sirens in the very depths of the sea,
making them toss themselves overboard
to leave me here with any companions
and their deaths will not go unpunished

Or as my tears quench the parched mouths
of my friends, so long lost to me
so that the tears will not dry on my face
but settle to be found drifting in the ocean
at a place far away from here

And the coldest of mountains, high above
the oppression and hate that is the world
is where I stand now, observing the cross of snow
in the deep ravine, the scars that line
this mountain’s flesh

And the pale moonlight that lights nothing,
that keeps everything in shadowy glimmer,
the light that lets you see the splints wander
in their eternal stupor, the light
that does not allow me to sleep

These lost companions, whose smiles and laughter
made warm contentment rise in my chest
are gone from this world, doomed to live
among the crashing waves, and to sleep
among the sea sprites

And the pale flesh that peels from their bones
and their clawed fingers that open wounds
upon my arms and legs are nothing when compared
to the nature of the pain, the loneliness
that permeates the depth of my heart

And their eyes that glow angrily
even in the darkest parts of the languid tide
and pierce flesh easily, as though they were
oft sharpened daggers, although frightening –
shall never drive me away

Oh ye demons of the ancient sea,
why did my friends leave me here in solace?
They were young and fruitful,
they danced lightly with such an ease
that you could scarcely believe
they were of this world

Their cadavers have been washed upon the shore,
the soulless forms of those that I once loved,
those that – long ago – I could be found
in the happy company of; but now all that’s left
is a body stretched in the sand

And the lover who never did I betray
is stretched along with them, lying prostrate –
half buried in the sun-baked sand
seduced by the sirens’ haunting song,
compelled to die, only to listen

And the woman whose laughter was like music,
whose smile was ever bit as radiant
as the sun when it first breaks the horizon
and whose voice was truly the voice
of a risen angel

And the man who could move – light as a feather –
across the ballroom floor, looking as though
his feet were floating over the ground
and when he walked, everyone would stop
to stare at his figure

All these friends were taken from me,
by the sea, and left only to die
under its vicious tide, to rot and wither
and leave me upon this montaintop
to remember them

And as the falcon scrapes down
upon this mountain to feed its infantile young
I feel a small dread, a prickle of fear
for the child-birds that occupy her nest
they too will die one day

Death is not some amazing gift
for those who have been left behind –
to live in cold loneliness
without those they loved to warm them
and the silence breaks my heart

The loneliness, the pain, the deception
of the afterlife has begun to wear upon my heart;
it has tumbled down my inhibitions to let me live
as I truly wish to, without a regret
without a government of my soul

And my friends, those lovely people
who I would give my life to replace their death
though have been torn from me, still live silently
in my heart, where I can protect them from any harm
for my heart is the strongest citadel

And my lover, the loveliest of all people
has been torn from me, and I feel like my heart
has been removed permanently from my chest
and my own demise, seems to be inevitable
I will die free

So this mountain will be my new home,
lawless and wild though it may be, I am free
from the oppression that the world has thrown upon itself
I am free to love and live as I will choose myself to
and nothing can stop me
I will be free

A poem by James D. Spears
"Heavy is the head that wears the crown"
-- William Shakespeare
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Postby lorin_23 » Tue Dec 28, 2004 5:43 am

If anyone would like to put in their opinion of this poem, I would be more than glad to hear them. I know it's quite long, and perhaps at times tedious, but any constructive criticism is VERY appreciated.
"Heavy is the head that wears the crown"
-- William Shakespeare
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Postby Saturn » Tue Dec 28, 2004 7:01 pm

Words are too poor to do judtice to your talent.

A poet is born

Is this poem about the recent Tidal Wave in Asia?
Is it based on personal experience?

This stuff must be published.
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Thank You!!

Postby lorin_23 » Tue Dec 28, 2004 8:34 pm

I'm glad that my poetry has touched someone. Phobosopsis was written about three months ago, before the recent tidal waves in Asia, however, I posted it yesterday in honor of those people. It was quite interesting to me how fitting it was. The poem was originally written as a thought to a friend of mine who had lost his grandfather to the sea during World War II. As is pretty obvious, I was going through a loss with a relationship when this was written, and I added a thought on that in there.

Thank you so much for your kind words!

James D. Spears
"Heavy is the head that wears the crown"
-- William Shakespeare
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