Untitled - James D. Spears

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Untitled - James D. Spears

Postby lorin_23 » Tue Dec 28, 2004 5:46 am

Green eyes have been following you
up and down the hallway, where you pace
unsure of what to do, as though walking
may help you find what you seek
when really you need to look in you

And silent lips have been singing to you
in the shadows that fill this room
They’re singing of the journey, wherever your trail may lead
They’re singing a funeral cadence to the one they love
should you not return from this long sojourn

And warm hands seek a casual touch
on your skin, so soft and pure, so beautiful
that it makes these hands wish they could glide upon it
But fear hinders this from happening, hinders my kiss
from finding refuge upon your lips, hinders my eyes
from meeting yours with the intensity that they once did
So now I will only placidly stand, waiting patiently
for you to take note of me, so that I may
catch your fancy once again

Cold feet I am staving off,
so that I may gain the courage
to hold you so tight in my arms that you could
never escape from me, though you may try
And though you may look at me with hate in your eyes,
love will always be plastered across my face

And embracing arms are aching to hold you
as close to me as possible, so that you may hear
the sweet refrain that my silent lips make
To hold you close is nothing but a distant memory to me
fading quicker than I wish it would,
but I cannot fight it off, for I haven’t the strength to

My heart, had it wings, would fly along with you
as you take yourself away from me, to hide yourself
far from any place in which I will search for you
And it would fly hastily to perch in your hand,
for that is the place at which it is most at home
Where you may crush it or caress it at your leisure
Either decision is purely up to you

My soul feels as though it is entwined with yours
like an inseparable bond; we are to live out our lives together
You cannot go, for you are as much a part of me
as I am of you, your absence would brutally kill me
a slow and painful death, bourn of withdraw
from the drug that is you

Blood in my veins pounds only for you,
my heart’s steady beat comes from the love it holds for you
The tears I shed for you have become bitter with time;
they now hold within their form a piece of the heart
that has shattered completely within my chest
And the brittle pieces cut my insides
making me ail and wretch and scream out the blood in my lungs

Oh, the wedding march has long since ended
its gentle notes on the wind, away it floated
to be replaced by the dreadful sounds of screaming voices
Like the warrior’s Call to Arms it whines and drones
bringing tears to our mothers’ eyes,
because they know true love, and love lost

My impure hands have continued to become soiled
by the two tears that - within them - I caught as trophies
of the parting that I avoided for too long
the inevitable separation of two souls I once though inseparable
And fight I will against the loss of you,
though I know it will be futile
but dreams of hope have crept somehow into my sleep

When you leave, please bear me in your mind
for I cannot imagine a day in my life without thinking of you
I will think of your gorgeous face in the dwindling hours of night
no matter what stranger may share my bed at that time
Nothing they could do remotely compares to your hands
or lips as they connect with mine

When you dream, I pray you remember the good times,
the times when I made you laugh or smile,
or have that look of desire in your eyes, that distinct look
that told me you felt the same as I –
that told me that in that moment, you and I
were in complete accord

Our love has cast itself like a dying ember
that wrought itself upon the floor
Slowly it is fading, losing its light to the oxygen it uses
and it will soon die and be so easily forgotten that it shall
be as though it never happened; it shall be
just a tiny scorch mark on each of our hearts
And I weep to think that will be the only thing left of our love

I am trying to balance my pain and anger,
And let it melt away, for hatred of means the death of my heart
Hatred of you is unfathomable to me; like drinking acid,
it would be an anathema to me, it would be the undoing
of all that I worked so very hard to become
So no, I will always love you – never will I feel any animosity
toward he who gave me so much to live for

And the tears are subsiding now, they’re ceasing their journey
down my face as your smile returns and your eyes
return your expression to the one that I love the most
That look of desire that I grew so accustomed to
Your kiss is on my lips once again

My elation has returned for you have allowed me this embrace,
this, though wounded, has made my heart return to a single piece
beating strongly within my chest, bring a new virility
to my newly repaired from
And this kiss holds within it forgiveness
for the transgressions I so recently have performed
But you have absolved me of this

And though I am remorseful for my wanton deed,
I swear to you by the stars themselves that I would never
dare to harm you again; if ever a tear is shed from your eye
in sadness from something I have done, may the breath
be taken from my lungs and thrown onto the wind
along with my careless soul, doomed forever to wander the world
for all eternity

A poem by James D. Spears
As always, criticism of any kind is very appreciated. I'm going to put one more poem on here tonight, and then I'll be done until I start hearing comments :)
"Heavy is the head that wears the crown"
-- William Shakespeare
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Postby Saturn » Tue Dec 28, 2004 7:06 pm

A truly heartbreaking love poem.

This is terrific poetry - straight from the heart in the finest tradition of love-lorn poems of love and loss.
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Thanks yet again.

Postby lorin_23 » Tue Dec 28, 2004 8:39 pm

This poem was written to my current partner when we were going through a horrible time. Luckily we made it through that time, but I was in a lot of pain and poetry was my only outlet. Again, it was written quite a while ago, so I added the "coming back" part shortly thereafter, and it actually worried me that it didn't fit into the general mood and feel of the poem.

Once again, thank you for your opinions!

James D. Spears
"Heavy is the head that wears the crown"
-- William Shakespeare
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