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Robes of state

PostPosted: Mon Jul 14, 2008 11:08 pm
by Saturn
Robes of state

I used to wear loose fitting robes,
A hair shirt, a long ashen sackcloth
Of mourning and perpetual penance.
I felt the scourge of denial and regret
While my body wore away piecemeal
And my heart endured starvation.

Glove-warm comfort is not so easy
As stretching cold hands against
A winter fireside, no red luxurious
And instant relief is ever found
When you ease finger at a time
And prickly into a fresh, new life.

The garments I've acquired now
Hug me tight, with such comfort
And ease I can scarce believe.
I can only thank the judicious,
So generous tailors, those fates
That fitted me new robes of state.