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PostPosted: Mon Jul 21, 2008 7:27 pm
by Saturn

Corporeal poet, composer of health
Magician of well being; philosopher,
What scheme hast thou framed,
What catalogue hast thou compiled?,
Wherefore dost thou not recite clear
Thy great skills are deaf to all but few.

Comprehension frustrates all but those
Initiates in the fellowship of the knife.
We poor mortals bay at the moon,
Prostrate, prone to divers maladies
Which all beknownest, prey ravenous
On these our frail woebegone frames.

Warrior, knight at arms, what canst
Thou in battle do 'gainst such a vile
Foe as now thy lance cop'st withal?
Where be the arms to finally repulse
A grim host as vast and numerous
That dark futurity heedless slings.