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To Oscar Wilde -- a Sonnet by Hopfrog, Esq.

PostPosted: Wed Feb 18, 2009 4:05 am
by hopfrog
I entertained the "evil" things of Life,
Those panther boys whose beauty I adored;
And for this crime I lost my sons, my wife,
And I became a thing grotesque, abhorred.
And so what can I do but live in dream,
Where my fine name is not a thing of mud,
Where kissing rose-red lips does not blaspheme,
Where, seven-veiled, I dance in pool of blood?
Ah, Dorian, the mirror of your eyes
Shews unto me youth's golden little time.
Oh, Sphinx, how beautiful you are, how wise.
Dear Bosie, teach me passion's lustful crime.
I deign to dance in Dante's holy flames.
Judiciousness I leave to Henry James.