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PostPosted: Wed Apr 01, 2009 7:41 pm
by Saturn

I remember the eureka moment,
The Alchemist's glee [before I even
Knew of such a word] as sparks
Became a flame, and flame fire.
As a boy my father was mystical;
His knowledge exceeded far
The powers of superheroes.
He held in his hands a magic,
Which to a child's wide eyes
Was mighty as any wizard.
It seemed an arcane practice,
The ritual of times past
When he lit a simple fire.
I tried to make one of my own,
And with the same tools,
And full of grownup purpose
I made a fire all of my own,
Watching as wood burned
And coals smoked above.
I then became proficient
A firestarter myself, an
Apprentice of ancient skill.
The magic was no more
But never could I light
Flames like my father did:
No-one looks up in awe
As I summon up a fire.