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Jay the archer

PostPosted: Sat Apr 04, 2009 2:30 pm
by Saturn
Jay the archer

Ambition burning bright
As a headlong comet:
An adult's fierce desire:
Garments hanging loose,
On a child's weak frame.
Too much of intensity,
Wrapped up too tight;
Bundled little weapon
Of immature purpose.

Did a pint-size Alexander
On the hard wrestling mats,
The training schools of war
Cradle a bow with a fire
As red as my own charge?

Failure would mean less
Than absolute perfection.
I expostulated in vain
The lesson of experience
Which fell on closed ears,
Stuffed by steadfastness
And a total commitment
Terrifying in one so small.

Jay the archer, bowman
Was tamed by success,
A projectile's chance
Propelled him to victory
And I, now felt his elation,
Basked like doubting Philip,
As proud Bucephalus bowed
His hooves to new command.