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Mr Collins

Postby Bordesley » Mon Oct 26, 2009 11:47 pm

Mr Collins, my English master in the 1950's went blind overnight. He instilled his great fondness for literature in myself and the three other boys in the class. He had the wonderful ability as a teacher to find almost a musical beat in poetry. He always left you wanting more.

Mr Collins

He went blind temporarily a long time ago
A nervous reaction to what I don’t know
Some said it was worry it could be the cause
Mr Collins would tell us the right time to pause
The right time to stop the right time to think
To get inside the words ideas to shrink
And toss them about and then analyze
For the mind of a poet that was the prize
I had no pyjamas because of the heat
With Lawrence D. H. I could not compete
But the trough it reflected the swift darting tongue
Of cobra so kingly to wait while you’re young
I felt the reaction on hill of Beattock
The rhythm that beat to the sound of the clock
The mail which at night did thunder and roar
Shaking the jug near the old bedroom door
Wilkie’s White Woman to remote to be real
Whilst reading the words I felt no appeal
But I tasted the salt on smoke stack so caked
And counted moidores and monkeys and apes
La Belle Dame Sans Merci I travelled there too
With Cliff, Pete and Reggie was one of the few
So thanks Mr Collins you opened my eyes
The words of a poet I can analyze
And when in the future I beg to reflect
I do so remembering to think not neglect
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Re: Mr Collins

Postby Saturn » Tue Oct 27, 2009 10:53 pm

A fitting tribute no doubt.
There is little more influential person than a great teacher, and I know, from some of the great teachers that I've had, that I can still remember the passion for their particular subject and their great ability to excite and enthuse me at least with an interest ion what they were saying. We too often take teachers for granted and some people run them down, but aside from parents and families, they perhaps, in our formative years have the most influence over us. All hail the brave and the wonderful teachers, guardians of the flame of knowledge, guides to the door of wisdom.

Great work Bordesley, thanks for sharing it.
"Oh what a misery it is to have an intellect in splints".
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