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A Rant

PostPosted: Thu Mar 23, 2006 12:24 am
by MonroeDoctrine
By the way these poems aren't intended to be great or that serious

Crucial Poetics:

I smash the underlying assumptions with truths that are self-evident, (like man's created equal) hence it is time that is well spent; putting a dent into
an immoral construct of my contemporaries. I think in terms of
long historic waves most folks can't think past their sex-organ; their mental slaves like people that watch Desperate House Wives;
I cut through garbage philosophical conceptions with sharp knives.
I'm American I'm not an intellectual academic coward like a European Sophist; I'm ready to join the right cause; If it's right I don't pause to take the right action, don't you know? I take advantage of the historic moment; while Zeus is gone I sleep with Juno! Whew! While Zeus is gone I'll sleep with Juno, with Juno.......