Der Geist

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Der Geist

Postby MonroeDoctrine » Fri Mar 31, 2006 5:46 pm

THe Embodiment of a sacred principle lingers within my identity;
Martyr for the good; I smile at this unseen entity
that hath laid down the foundation for my soul's existence.
Peace to the Lord who embodied that same idea and shed
his crimson liquid on Calvary. I attempt to live that with a happy visage, hence the spirit and the flesh's rivalry. The soul shall win; and one shall hear heaven's bell ring ,hence the enormous din one shall hear across the celestial sphere, like the prophesy of a seer.

Lo ! I can't waste my Time;
Dante's Mountain I've got to Climb.

One should pause and get into a pensive state about the mind;
What type of impression on the spiritual tablet
passed down onto the creative creatures regenerated out of habit shall the future find? It is unwise to just hope, seldom does the good exist without a fight; here is a bit of insight, the worst blight is the one that tarnishes one's spirit and prevents immortal action from occuring. Cartography couldn't map the face of this neccessary principle; one must employ the right intention; and behold the soul's sublime ascension. Behold the soul's sublime ascension!

Lo! I can't waste my Time;
Dante's Mountain I've got to Climb.
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