a clear and starry night

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a clear and starry night

Postby wattini » Wed Feb 24, 2010 2:44 pm

This is just a little something i was toying around with the other day,

Were I so steadfast that I could lie in the snow and observe
Clearly into the twinkling, aphotic void,
Craning my interests upon up high – acolyte to the night.
All is silent and cowering at the edge of space;
It is not my frozen bed that causes me shiver,
To tremble at the tabula rasa that threatens to
Efface me should I dare to blink.
I imagine the supernova hidden in the Cimmerian abyss
Resting, sight beyond sight, the notion fails to persist
But instead seeks to run and hide, bemiring my mind:
Murk sullies sanity giving rise to a tenebrous vanity,
One so focused on nothing at all that I cannot help but shrivel when
I strain to stare through the closest cluster of orbs
To admire the subtle static behind,
Losing myself in an eternal mosaic of stars too faint for the eye.

A silent Queen with a million subjects in her domain,
Holds in her left hand a caged Quetzal whose plumage is so dull.
It coos gently with the wind, teasing black leaves stitched to the pitch sky;
Simple shapes, no, merely sounds embellished by an effervescent glisten.
The moon simpers as she waxes and wanes,
Patiently waiting for the sun to make her day.
Reflections in craters engulf my white eyes as
Cavernous Irises fail to ignite and drown in atramentarious inks,
Frost weighs heavy on so many eyelashes, that now I can’t see,
As the filmy skin is drawn closed for the night,
Skeleton me fall asleep in the twilight.
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Re: a clear and starry night

Postby steffen » Fri Feb 26, 2010 2:04 pm

beautifully done, original, surprising! "aphotic void" -had to look it up, lightless, dark. I love the word. "waiting for the sun to make her day" - "the moon whimpers as she waxes and wains" - "Acolyte to the night"- These and other personifications are simply wonderful, breathtaking. The internal rhyming you manage to include! Everything about this poem is extraordinary.
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