A [semi modern] Hymn to Beauty

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A [semi modern] Hymn to Beauty

Postby PaulW » Fri Feb 26, 2010 11:47 pm

i think this poem is there now. or is that 'here now'...

A [semi modern] Hymn to Beauty

...With a nod to Keats...

"…sometimes the beauty in this world comes from just not knowing,
feeling instead." - Thea Gilmore

i write these lines in protest
At Tracey's un-made bed,
And sheep that hang in perspex
Or something that looks like glass,
At bombs that burn our children
And thoughts that never rhyme,
At a way of life that's killing
beauty in the eye of the beholder
- and a sense of place and time

With eyelids closed and heavy
i rest upon the shore
and feel the pulse of nature
reaching out to me,
and all the while the sea
warmly, caressingly
bathes the day in raindrops gathered in.

A chrysalis lies open
pale petals ease the heat
of summer as it passes
slowly overhead.
Who'll answer what's unsaid
or turn the other cheek
when poetry and music tap their beat?

In cool night light and silence
i dream beside a pool
where undimmed stars may vanish
ghost-like under clouds,
it's quiet here, no crowds
just me, and, sleepily,
butterflies and daisies by my side.

The texture of their presence
invades my sleeping hour,
intoxicates the moment
that I'm part of, here,
and draws them ever near
until we are as one,
rocking in the cradle of the earth.

i searched the world for beauty
found it breathing and unbowed
in scents and thoughts,
in form, looks, sounds
in days and nights,
in violets and what we learn
when we taste its secrets.

These are pictures i paint for you,
in black and white, and crimson, blue,
orange, yellow, purple, too,
and brighter shades of pale green dew.

i sign them without pencil
my signature obscure
as if i write on sandstone
with tears from the night before.
i store them in my words
stack them side by side
and let the shadows pass
across my time and tide.

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