PLEASE READ: Rules and Frequently asked Questions

First time visitors and those wishing to join the forum please read this.

PLEASE READ: Rules and Frequently asked Questions

Postby Saturn » Wed Mar 28, 2007 11:39 am


Here are some suggestions and common questions often asked by people new to internet forums. We would appreciate if you took the time to read this post to avoid any misunderstandings or apprehensions you may have concerning this forum.

Moderation of this forum

I have a complaint/suggestion!

If your complaint or suggestion is about how the site works (i.e. its code, your account name / password etcetera), you should get in touch with the Forum Administrator, Saturn.
You can also [if first registered] post your comment in the Feedback forum.

What does the Administrator do?

The FORUM Administrator is in charge of the smooth running of the forum, deleting irrelevant and unwanted material, [i.e. spam postings] enabling the activation of accounts and dealing with complaints.

The general SITE Administrator is Thilo. He's very busy and wishes not to be disturbed. He pays for all this so we thank him for it.

Who are the moderators and what do they do?

At present Malia is our only moderator.

The Moderator's duties and functions are similar to the Administrator and Moderators can delete and lock threads and edit posts in the same way as the Administrator.

Note on the Administrator and Moderator.

Please remember that moderators are posters first and foremost, not councillors, arbitrators, archivists or teachers. They are enthusiastic volunteers, not academic authorities on the subject at hand.

Can threads be deleted? What is locking a thread?

Threads can be deleted but we don't like to do it often and will not delete a thread apart from in exceptional circumstances. These include:

- Libellous threads. If we think a thread might be libellous it might be deleted. This hasn't happened very often.

- Personal threads. If a thread is started discussing a registered user or their actions, that user has the right to ask for it to be deleted or locked. The thread does not have to be an attack on the user. This does not apply to threads users start themselves and later regret.

- Offensive threads. At their discretion, moderators can delete entire threads which are likely to cause offence. It happens very rarely - threads which are racially or sexually abusive are the most likely. Even then moderators might not delete the thread, if an offensive question seems likely to provoke debate. If you find a thread offensive, please say on the thread or PM / email the moderator or Administrator about it.

Locking a thread involves changing the settings so the thread survives but new answers cannot be posted to it. This has in the past been used as a compromise between deletion and non-deletion for controversial threads, but is more likely to be used when several threads on the same topic occur at the same time - eg when a big news event takes place and gets discussed on the board, moderators may lock threads to minimise confusion.

If you have a specific post you want deleted or edited - because it is offensive or gives away personal information for instance - you can alert the moderators to it by sending a Private Message to them.

Can moderators edit posts?

Yes, they can, and you can also edit your own posts – there is a button above and to the right of the post that you can click. Moderators generally don’t edit posts except to fix links or remove certain unsavoury (or very large) images.

Do people get banned?

Yes, but extremely rarely. Moderators cannot ban people, only Administrators can. We’d rather not ban anyone – we want people to participate as much as possible.
Banning will never be undertaken lightly and it is a step which will only be taken in exceptional circumstances in the case of invasion of another's privacy, using personal information to hassle another user in a persistent manner etc.

A poster is hassling me on/off the forum! What can be done?

Nothing much is the answer to this question. The Administrator and moderator may dislike the behaviour of people off the forum but their sole responsibility is to the forum itself: there really isn't anything we can do about outside matters, even if the situation arose as a result of something that happened on the forum or the two parties know each other through the forum.

What you can do in this situation is let the Administrator or Moderator know what's happening, though, in case it affects what happens on the forum.
There have been cases of clear and deliberate harassment on the Forum based on an offline situation, and in those cases we've tried to act by discouraging or attempting to ban the people involved.

There are also cases which are simple online feuds which can spill over onto the forum, or where any 'harassment' is blatantly two-way - if there is somebody you dislike on the forum then we suggest for the sake of the forum as a whole and its overall tone that you do your best to ignore them.

If someone is hassling you via PM, then we will seek to have them banned if appropriate, but you have to let us know – moderators, contrary to popular mythology, cannot read your PMs, and wouldn’t want to even if they could.

Can I post pictures?

Yes. If you post hardcore porn or offensive images they might get deleted though. Remember that a lot of people are surfing at work. If you are starting a thread primarily for pictures, please mention this in the subject line. If a thread gets a lot of pictures posted on it, please mention this to a moderator so we can put a "[picture thread]" insert in the question header. Currently you can only post pictures that are already on the internet somewhere, so if you want to post your own picture you need to get your own webspace to host it, and you'll need to find a provider that allows external image linking.

To actually post the image, you need to add the [IMG] tags before and after the image address. It’s not that difficult.

Do I have copyright over things I post on the board?

That’s an interesting question, and I don’t really know the answer. I would imagine that, Yes, you do hold at least intellectual copyright, BUT as this forum is NOT a permanent archive, we cannot guarantee that your words (or anything else) will still be here tomorrow or the day after.

What sorts of things are frowned on?

Illiteracy, treating the board as your personal forum for piracy, posting of not-safe-for-work pictures, incessant self-promotion and other general rudeness is not looked well upon.

Anything else I should know?

The forum is very light on moderation, so if you're going to post here a lot there's a sort of responsibility not to be offensive or act destructively.

You should also keep in mind that the forum is paid for by the Site Administrator Thilo and we on the forum are just guests.

Some basic points of etiquette.

Please post your comment in the appropriate section of the forum.

If you're starting a new thread, please make the title an accurate description of what it's about.

Most people don't read everything that's posted in a forum, the title is there to help them choose what to read and what to ignore.

If in doubt please use the SEARCH ENGINE before you post a new thread.

Often you may wish to post a topic which, unbeknownst to you, has already been discussed at length on the forum already.
Just because something is not on the first page of the forum does not mean that it has never been broached before.
We would appreciate that you use the search engine to check whether the matter has been discussed before or not.
Duplicate threads can cause annoyance!!

Please don't make whole posts in capital letters.

IT LOOKS LIKE YOU'RE SHOUTING. Also there is considerable research that suggests our brains do not fully compute large blocks of text written all in capital letters. Which means that if you do post in all capitals, people more than likely won’t read it. Or understand it. There's a shift key, use it wisely.

Please don't use text-speak.

Yes we know it's the 21st century but the number 2 is not a replacement for the word 'to' or 'too' and if you want to tell someone that you're laughing out loud at something, the letters L-O-L won't do. Yes, we understand that language evolves and changes etcetera, and some of us are even into etymology, but enough is enough.

Don't use the forum to write to an individual.

You can send a private message to someone so don't waste everyone else's time with posts that are addressed to individuals.

Make sure your avatar is a reasonable size.

Avatars are the little pictures you can see under people's names. If they're too big, people have to start scrolling left and right constantly in order to read any of the posts. About the size of a postage stamp should be fine. Please don't use an animated avatar. They're annoying to some because unless you're on broadband it makes every page load intolerably slowly. To set an avatar you need to use the Profile page at the top of the forum. You can set all kinds of neat information about yourself in there.

Other information

Can anyone register?

Yes, unless they’ve been banned in the past.

Do I need to log in?

Yes – you need to be logged-in to post.

Can moderators see what my password is?

No, the Administrator can though, but they don’t care what it is as they have better things to do.

Can I log in on more than one computer at once?

Yes. When you log in, it stores a cookie on the computer which logs you in whenever you use the board on that computer if you tick the “Remember me” box. If you log in on another computer, it simply stores another cookie there as well.

Do I need to log out?

You only need to log out if you are using a shared computer and you don't want anyone else using the computer to impersonate you or edit your settings. If you don’t tick the “Remember me” box, you will be logged-out automatically after a period of inactivity or if you close your browser.

Can I change my registered e-mail address?

No, but most of your settings can be changed easily via the Profile link at the top of the forum.

How do I insert an image into my post/thread?

Firstly your image must be remotely hosted somehwere on the internet, and it must be either a .gif or a .jpg file.

The code you would use is as follows

Code: Select all

Would give you


How do I get me one of those avatar things?

To set up an avatar:

Set up an account with an image host (for example )

Upload your photo.

Copy the URL of the image.

Open your profile page here.

Copy the URL of the image into the bottom box ('Link to off-site Avatar')

Click submit.

Can someone tell me how to change font size and colour?

Highlight the writing you want to change, and then select the new colour and size.

So this:
Code: Select all
[size=18][color=brown]A new colour and size[/color][/size]

Gives you this:

A new colour and size

How can I quote someone else's post?

If you want to quote another users post in your message, click the button in the top right of the message box you are wanting to quote from.

How can I insert a link and make it look like normal text?

Code: Select all
[url=]If you click this it will take you to the John Keats home page.[/url]

Gives you:

If you click this it will take you to the John Keats home page.

Thank you for reading, and (hopefully) posting nicely. Or at least entertainingly without being totally rude and obnoxious.

This FAQ may be added to or updated in the future.

Bits of this FAQ are shamelessly pinched from other, better FAQs. FAQ writers of the world, we salute you.
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