Kissing Cousins

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Kissing Cousins

Postby Megan » Thu Jun 21, 2007 5:24 pm

This was written by my cousin. I wish I could write as well as he does. :oops: He says his magic casement is a bipolar website these days.

Those Unheard

Oh what’s the matter media man
there is no story worth reporting
the scoop drips through your fingers
and no phones ring

Why do you bother guilty guy
there is no work here to be done
the car crash crowd has seen it all
and the shows moved on

I met a lady under glass
where I felt safe to realise
she teased each of my senses and
all she said was lies

She sang to someone in me
I had never seen and the tune
so engorged me I threw shadows
to the shy moon

She showed me words set and polished
designed to dazzlingly beguile
I lapped her mirrored riches
and cosmetic smile

She tongued in the language of thought
my sick body made no response
to her soft longing urging
not even once

My blood came redder than her skirt
but scabs black as her eye of coal
the scum of our habits chokes my
cold skewered soul

One last long kiss so I can sleep
still without chasing catching dreams
that nightly beat my heart till I’m
woken by screams

At last you see just what I am
alone fevered stripped and lost
circling round the deepest pit
in which I’m tossed

Web you held some mists awhile
the tension of my numbered breaths
our sole affliction living out
a host of deaths

It is just me who waits the truth
what you do or say now depends
on who you see hiding behind
the camera lens

That is why I’m waiting here
telling what’s not worth reporting
even though the crowd has gone
and no phones ring.

Postby Saturn » Thu Jun 21, 2007 9:22 pm

That is excellent Megan your cousin is very taleneted judging by that.

However could not your cousin have registered and posted it himself? :?

I would prefer that people post their, and only their work, no matter how good. This section is about self-expression...
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Postby AsphodelElysium » Fri Jun 22, 2007 11:32 pm

Yes, your cousin is definately very talented. I particularly admire the middle sections, detailing the relationship. Very good!
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