The failed locksmith

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The failed locksmith

Postby Saturn » Sun Sep 16, 2007 10:38 pm

The failed locksmith

The door, once still ajar,
Now closes firmly shut.
You walk a new room
I cannot see or touch.

I try to crudely fashion
With bone-empty hope
A key to let me open
And follow you there.

It shatters in the lock,
It splinters in my hand:
All of my workmanship
Is useless, defeated.

So I beat my red fists
In despair at the door,
Scream your name over
Until my lungs collapse.

But not even in outline,
Not even in the margins,
The peep-holes of life
Can I see you again.

My protests are dumb
My cries become mute:
Fully sound-proofed
You are insulated now.

So I've slump in futility,
Nails scratched in vain.
I see only the barrier
Untainted by my force,

The awful boundary,
That iron wall being
Put up in my face,
Its coldness I feel.

I'm a failed locksmith,
A man without tools.
Only my desperation
Can fit this deep hole.
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Postby dks » Tue Oct 02, 2007 8:07 pm

Aw--what a consummate descriptive!

...I try to crudely fashion
With bone-empty hope
A key to let me open
And follow you there...

'bone' and 'hope' in the same line...tastes great and drives home the intention. Love it... :!:
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