sonnets to the mcgonagall

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sonnets to the mcgonagall

Postby Sir Nevis » Fri Jul 11, 2008 1:50 pm

okay, here are a couple of sonnets written by me and my flatmate in praise of the greatest poet of all time, william mcgonagall. we have tried to imitate his own style, but have of course fallen woefully short :wink:

Sonnets to the McGonagall I

Oh doughty bard, Oh great McGonagall
Thy mighty exploits I will now chronicle
Of true Scotch verse thou art the pinnacle
And lest our praise become too clinical
We must now quaff some noxious chemical
And though the world become more cynical
We know that thy career was seminal.
All naysaying 'vocs' we must now manacle
To stop the critics' cruel, tyrannical
Attempts to prove thy verse mechanical-
We'll do our best to break their clavicle
And prove 'tis THEY who are satanical
They break the dam of lower ventrical
If they essay to damn your canticle.

Sonnets to the McGonagall II

All hail the venturesome, brave Mcgonagall
Who writes upon themes as high as topical
When shaping his gifts the LORD was prodigal
Oh listen a wee to this my madrigal.
Whenever I feel just slightly dropsical
And have to visit perforce the hospital
'Tis then that thy blazon of verse oh so plentiful
Comes o'er my senses like aliens' tentacles
Guarding my mind from distress like a sentinel
Or like the light-winged airy Tinkerbell.
No other poet to you is identical
Whoso shall think it, his mind is not sensible
The words of his mouth are each one reprehensible
His views, like the Nazi's are plain indefensible.
upon my life, Sir Nevis, I am piqued!
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Postby dks » Mon Jul 14, 2008 3:35 am


Clever, witty, and rapier it!
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Postby Saturn » Mon Jul 14, 2008 11:12 am

Deliciously funny stuff guys, in the spirit of Don Juan and all great comic verse.

Good work :P
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Postby Sir Nevis » Tue Jul 15, 2008 3:12 pm

thanks for the kind comments guys. of course it would be remiss of me if i didn't proselytise at this point, so here's the weblink to the great man's official site...

personally, i think 'the sorrows of the blind', the poem on the attempted assasination of queen victoria and the one in honour of robert burns are particularly outstanding :wink:
upon my life, Sir Nevis, I am piqued!
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