Love and Camaraderie

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Love and Camaraderie

Postby soumya » Wed Feb 23, 2005 6:16 am

Love and Camaraderie

Lost in the profundity of thine eyes
My heart only snuffs the sound of my cries;
I loved a friend, who can’t be mine,
But my heart needs to feel Mediterranean sunshine.

I was drunk again back in my room,
Thinking of her makes me feel gloom!
How can I tell her what I feel?
Why lose a friend and make her congeal?

The day came when I opened my heart
Her words sounded like Mozart
Happy was I, so I drank the love,
The peace and friendship of the Dove.

Now I don’t feel the pain in my feeling
She is the queen, a sweet darling.
I’m lost in the depth of her charms
I like to hold her in my arms.

The love in the air makes me drowsy
Its so rosy, but you call me ?crazy?!
Magical it is when you are near
Making it easy to read Shakespeare.

Flowers are looking even brighter
As if everything is new, altered and dissimilar.
Its there in the air, water and in my heart-
-The Romantic music, poetry and the art.

The summer is here with her shine
Sitting with her, drinking red wine.
It was like the vision I saw that night
Blue sea, hills make me excite.

The dream came true by the river
Sitting beside you made my heart braver.
How much I longed to hold your soft hand
But you only talked about it getting tanned.

You were the girl I saw last night
The bride in the church like the moonlight!
You asked me how you were looking
What could I say I saw your wedding?

I came to the land of the Scott
Just for a change, which was too short
Life is not too long in this short world
In the train reading Childe Harold

I saw the green hills and the Lakes
Having your favourite pancakes.
Who is the painter of this countryside?
Wish you had been here with me by my side.

White cottages on lush green field
Horses and cattle scattered on the field.
Sheep drinking water from the stream,
You are the angel of my every dream

Oh! Eros, bless me with thine arrows
Oh! Aphrodite, bless me and take my sorrows.
Can’t I rise from the froth of the waves of the sea?
Mutually, ending to live like a gypsy.

But it was a dream far from the reality,
But it was a dream far from the veracity
That sailed me in the blue ocean of fantasy,
But all oceans are wavy, rocky and stormy.

I see the warmth in thine azure eyes
Feeling, like swimming in paradise.
My vision was like the mortal candle
Which will perish and make things a dark riddle.

Love is the bless for some blessed souls
Of which I can imagine and just console.
But why I only see her, when I close my eyes
Like standing in the shore watching the Sun, Rise.

Tell me not, to stay without you,
I can breathe just because of you.
You are the meaning of my being
Can’t bring to an end, my silent crying.

You are silent so as I, in this lonely land,
We can’t make each other understand.
I’m hiding my sorrows to make you smile,
For few more days till you leave this isle.

You will go but do remember this mortal
The snivel, the smile and the giggle.
You’ll be missed by my swollen heart-
-When I’ll leave and we’ll be apart.
Soumya Bhattacharya
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