El Cid

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El Cid

Postby Saturn » Sun Oct 13, 2019 12:15 pm

El Cid

Eleven or twelve years old,
Can't remember which, but
The youngest Knight-at-arms
There ever was, I took care
Of my own steed, well bike,
And was as full of chivalry
As the crazy ole Spaniard
When I took to my heels
And spurred the tyres on
Down into the village full
Of thoughts of one sweet
Damsel who was in no way
In any distress but had let
Me have a slow dance at
The school youth club a
Few times, hence was my
Beloved, how could she not
Be adored, not be my Jimena
And I brave El Cid riding from
Battle, well not even a fight
But nonetheless determined
To declare what I believed
Was love according to the top
Hits of the day, or troubadours'
Lays keeping with the theme.

Did I lay my sword at her feet
And whisk her off her feet from
Under her father's nose? Well
Nerves got the better of me see
And I sped down her street, eyed
The door and a like jangle of
Pre-teen anxiety backed up and
Galloped home, chastened, and
Defeated by an army of doubts,
A brace of dragons and legion of
Monsters that still plague the soul
Like hellhounds that whisper even
Now - you are nothing, you cannot
Ever amount to the deeds of others:
Men look at you in scorn, women in
Pity and you better take to your bed
And leave the world to the big boys.
"Oh what a misery it is to have an intellect in splints".
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