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Postby MonroeDoctrine » Thu Jun 15, 2006 1:59 am

THe Little That I know
Unbelievable events that bombard the senses doth occur;
Open up a bit and with me thou shalt concur.
The topological make up of the causes I'll attempt to unfold
like God's creative intervention in geological transformations that're billions of years old.
Watch out for the financial tyranny of the Anglo-Dutch empire
I launch principled warfare against it until the Cerberus is on fire
and its particles are decimated to square nanometers.
I take a hatchet to John Locke who like my ex drank semen by the liter!
Oh! I'm sure we all love the logical conclusion of the Venetian Party Faction;
Commodity hoarding, Abu Graib Torture, or how about commencing strife between Hamas and Fatah and oh yes don't forget the IDF's getting some of the Action!
I'm sure the world shall smile if Fascist Soccer hooligans are used to stage
International terror; note how George Shultz like a wise old sage
capitilizes on that like Mormans do on irrationality,
I combat it sowing the seeds of General Welfare-Nationality-------
Agape love; the highest that exist in this Universe
this wickedness shall be re-versed
and the bards shall speak of mankind in the image of God
And split a Uranium Nucleus like Moses split the sea with his walking-rod;
And live in a world where Fusion reactions produce matter like a Star;
And hence Observe our participation in the creator go far!
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What one thinks

Postby edwardkeenaghan » Thu Jun 15, 2006 11:26 pm


She smelled of Rosemary
The scent of loves ghost
Her back arched, her beautiful hair
Caught the sunlight in coincidence almost

Resembled the art of shadow
Behind her I sat, In Fear
I was quiet
Because I was afraid to swing the bat

Would I be tempting my fate if we spoke
Or was it the shyness that took
The gasp of air I gathered in my voice matters
But nothing came through
I fell back to my senses like a unwanted shrew

Climbed back in my hole still admiring her beauty
And knowing that I would always be stuck
In gazers Duty

Maybe it is for the best
As the bell rang out
Climbed out momentarily
And let this emotion dwindle in drought

Her curvy figure hugged her like a blanket
Those eyes and smile, fascinated even me
I wondered was I only
A branch on oaks tree

what do you think,i love yeats aswell as keats,im 19 from ireland this is my poem what u think i have lots more..
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Postby Malia » Thu Jun 15, 2006 11:29 pm

Great poem, Edwardkeenaghan :)
Welcome to the forum! How long have you been writing poetry?
Stay Awake!
--Anthony deMello
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Re: What one thinks

Postby Saturn » Fri Jun 16, 2006 12:03 am

edwardkeenaghan wrote:
what do you think,i love yeats aswell as keats,im 19 from ireland this is my poem what u think i have lots more..

Welcome :D

Very nice Edward - I really like that.
Whereabouts are you from in Ireland?
"Oh what a misery it is to have an intellect in splints".
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thanks guy here is another,hope you get the meaningandfeelin

Postby edwardkeenaghan » Fri Jun 16, 2006 3:35 pm

Thanks guys for liking it ,i have many more ,im from beautiful bundoran in donegal a lovely place but in and out of ireland as im pursuing a career in soccer as a pro plus fitness etc,but would like to see how my poetry does,i have only started writing poetry within last year,all have meanings deeper meanings,express aspects,appeals to all and i think im good with words,being young i have been told im similar to yeats a little ,but have my own influence and slightly different than many poets today ,here is another one about my home town hope you alll like and if anyone knows how to pursue a carrer as a poet ,or any contacts let me know thanks

The Beauty Of Bun Doran

A seaside shore, In sun it shines
The surfers sooths the waking beach
Where beautiful bundoran sleeps to hide

Curious mountains of eminence
Overlooking towns radiance and song
And therein walks many an empathy one
Who yet forget what beauty they belong

Leaving a possessive mark on your soul and body
No pavements grey here, but the crowded den
Friendly coloured eyes, ever spirited from gravy train town
Each brick seen, Tells a story of solipsism tone
This town is at one, Captivating egoism own

Eldorado?, Eldorado? ,Eldorado?

Smiles found upon streets on every end
From the playground slide of east end
to that magical shore of surf and sand on west end

Cycles around main beach ,caught in the undertow palm
Through a tempest wave, a salmon leaps a glow
And the wind fell and there came a great calm

A town of spirit, smiles and soul
And for the lone wanderer or blind man passing by
Bundoran will make you whole
For beauty is beyond sight
Wholeness is found as one footprints stroll
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Postby dks » Fri Jun 16, 2006 3:49 pm

I love your tangible sensuousness...Keatsian, I think. :wink:

Welcome, Edward!

You Irish men poets--too dashing, you are.

"I am certain of nothing but the holiness of the heart's affections and the Truth of Imagination."
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Lifes a struggle,applies 4de human race,mere floweris us 2

Postby edwardkeenaghan » Fri Jun 16, 2006 4:36 pm

A button pressed in time
Featuring nothing but the growing rhyme
For the waking day is a mere flower caught between stone
Holds tight while keeping fight
I hope to see the flower liberate in bloom
For many ideals in this clandestine forest is similar
To the unborn trapped bleeding, in mothers womb
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Re: thanks guy here is another,hope you get the meaningandfe

Postby Saturn » Fri Jun 16, 2006 9:53 pm

edwardkeenaghan wrote: im pursuing a career in soccer as a pro plus fitness etc

Before I talk about the poetry - are you signed to a big club - are we talking premiership? :shock:

Donegal is a wonderful place - I use to go there on holidays sometimes as a kid - many relatives of mine have caravans up there :D

Now the poem - very expressive and lyrical - I love it.
It shows a true grasp of poetic diction and imagery.

Keep them coming.
"Oh what a misery it is to have an intellect in splints".
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Poems,deeper ,guided expressive and very real

Postby edwardkeenaghan » Fri Jun 16, 2006 11:24 pm

dks said i have a touch of keatism about myself,which was nice of her,started playing for bordeaux fc in france then had spell in wigan and in sptember all goin well signing for charlton,here are two more poems alot deeper,more expressive from experiences i have withessed or heard,felt etc hope saturn you like and the rest of yas


The endogenous drip, drip, drip

Some louder than the others
Wanting the worlds fullest attention, centre staged request
A chiming cry for the lost mothers
To bring bloodshed final signature to our deaths quest

The noise ripples through equanimity ears,
Shedding a tear for lost years
Disregard and the being will befit blunder
greater than twilights thunder
Esoteric only who would understand

Emerging as annoyance,
Why does a droplet drip all of a sudden?
Is it lonely that its left water meadow

Each one is so different ,but yet the same…
How long will the forcemajeure last ,this drip, drip, drip?
The good a knocking ,the lost soul a dropping and the bad a falling
for the cold sink surface to claim…
And manages to meet family to form eternal bonds grip

After each drip , the righteous self fate lies
Where another journey will begin? Or end??
Whether below or summoned to the gaping blue skies

Water being absolute,
Always finding the land of glaze
Moving in rivers mysterious ways,
Yield ,Yield sssh
thy voice relates listening to me.
after twelve thoughts my friend says??
Bound to open ,thy rejoice awaits .

As Free as the honeybee ,
Possessing ones plea for platonic sea,
Glee listening to a sonnet with fixed rhyming scheme
and young Marie A child bobbing on daddy’s knee

A ambiguous drip tiredness.
Drip starts again but softer
Just their for you to know its their
The supreme power , where did thee form
Can be a beautiful waterfall ,yet deadly in a unimaginable storm

Primordial-From the beginning

So poised I stared and evil glared
Into my beckoning eyes
This equitable hate I have for you,
Tells truth not lies

Who I talk about,
The hyenas know too well
The lies spread trying to belittle me
Violin bow played a lament the wallah hyena fell

On be-knownst
I knew hysterical hyenas plan
Who has had the last laugh ?
I have; much to my demand

So shy was mise, an entwined dare
I could see hyenas path leading nowhere

I tracked the pack unaware of my fleshy scent,
Hiding and biding …
Temptation granted a flashback
Blushing image of shared boudoir in Kent

Nymph thou spoke “Awake and Arise”
The Hyena jokes and taunts ,never left me feeling bare
Even when hyena acted in surprise
They made and moulded one living nightmare scare

In Linnaean taxonomy
Hyenas phyla Kingdom commonness
With a loricifera and entopocta
No fossil record and a hermaphrodite

Days trying to embarrass one ,to spun a red cheery glow
A metier daily, seeing their tenacious method firsthand
To aggravate me more yet I come to soar and let blow
Never worked hyenas I have; much to my demand

None of the hyenas
Got wanted way,
And I feel sorry for the mammals now
Or do I ?
With ones chilling dismay

Flesh eating cowards ,the filth of thy lair
My ire ,you thought I held ire
The pack of dogs in which you are
But look ,who’s sitting on the stature star

Did you hear the joke told by the prying faces?
About the one that looks like you
Walking through a glen seemed green in places
But deeper lay your false roots, damaged in few

A swirling arrows bow
Now hits your startling bruised side
You scatter ,thinking you knew it all and had me figured out
But now ,I tell truth not lies

The final blow came after truth being told
My mantis Truth hurts, not lies
And who shot the bow
I did you fools behind a stone in disguise

Soaked in eucalyptus oil ,the smell whence only grown
And by your neglected noses ,
Ended hyenas life
Withered primordial all alone
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