Welcome to the world

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Welcome to the world

Postby Saturn » Fri Nov 17, 2006 11:18 pm

In lieu of a Hallmark card I wrote this on the arrival of a very special little bundle of joy.

Words are obviously too poor to express the birth of a new human being but these are what my feeble muse has given me.

Forgive the archaics and effusions - this is well meant if very imperfectly expressed.

Welcome to the world.

Welcome o little one;
To the waiting world.
Ever it was spinning
Before you joined us.
Do not be so afraid,
There's room for more.

Just step right on
And take your place.
I've kept it all warm
Since the day I heard
You would arrive.

One more set of eyes
Will see this all anew;
A new pair of feet
Can patter 'cross grass.
Your soft little hands
Might feel and touch
This embittered heart.

Why do I feel the way
A father should feel?
Thou art none of my
Yet unsown seeds.
Thy mother and father
I only know by name.

The deep love I bear
Thy sister is all I have
Linking you to me.
Yet strange to say
I feel thou art mine -
Our love's sweet babe.

Happiness you'll bring
Brimming to her heart
Such joys she cannot
Even begin to conceive.

And for that, and more
I love thee little one -
And long to see thee
And thy every growth.

If beauty you take
From your fair sister
You'll be happy indeed.

If her smile you inherit
You'll drive men insane.

Thy winning eyes
Will turn all heads

Thy compassion win
Thee many friends.

If half the charms;
Sweet entreaties
Thy sister shows
Are worn by thee:
Venus may hide
And cower in fear.

So now o little one;
Bid this world hello.
It's still spinning
Since you joined us.

There will always be
Room for one like thee.
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Postby woolf_fire37 » Sat Nov 18, 2006 12:15 am

Oh, I seem to be getting that warm and fuzzy feeling. :)

Well written. I like it. ;)
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Postby Papillon » Sat Nov 18, 2006 3:21 am


I especially loved the last two lines of the poem. How warm and comorting an ending to an otherwise bittersweet and poignant poem! :)
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